Basics of casting tiles / bricks

1/ Keep the molds flat when stored!

2/Before casting with gypsum, cement, spray mold with dish liquid ,,Ludwik,, 25 – 50 ml Ludwik – 500ml water – you will avoid „air bubbles” on casts and unmold will be clean and easy.

3/ Use normal building gypsum KNAUFF –STUCKGIPS (packed in 40kg) for casting / the best / or NIDA-GIPS or any available at your area building gypsum.

4/Always make gypsum according to user manual available on the package of gypsum!!! For Knauff about 0,7 l. of water on each 1/kg of gypsum , Nida 0,6 l. on 1 kg . Thick cream consistency.

5/Always pour gypsum in to the water – NEVER THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!!

6/ Mix with a stirrer on drill on slow turns, so there are no air bubbles made in gypsum, what can cause bubbles, blisters and holes in castings.

7/For coloring gypsum and cement use dry powder for concrete gallantry/ paving in a ratio from 3% to 7 % depending on intensity of color that we want to achieve. However it needs to be precise that the color always will be pastel. Measured dyes pour to dry gypsum or cement and mix with a drill dry .

8/ For casting cement tiles dyed on light colors or white use white cement. To fill and strengthen cement tiles you can use expanded clay aggregate and for strong, concrete pavement tiles/ old boards/ you can use aggregates. Usually use mortar for tiles in a ratio of 1 part of cement with 3 parts of sand. Of course you can make stronger products using 1:2 ratios. Aggregates and expanded clay aggregates from 0,25 -1 in relations to the value of other components / cement and sand /.

9/ When making larger amount of molds / 3 or more pieces / VIBRATING TABLE, which will distribute gypsum or cement in the mold is very helpful.

10/ Tiles, bricks dry when possible, put on the edge on longer side of the cast.

11/ Dry gypsum and cement tiles may be painted with any liquid, water paints, watercolors, thinned pigments / one spoon on a glass of water.

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